No Random Product Box ?

Are there no random product box for the home page …

I tried adding a product box to the center and display new

products . that that is horrible …

It just displays everything added today which is over 300 items

onthe main page …

is there not a way to grab a random say 6 items and display them ?

Seems strange CS-cart would leave such a important feature out. I think you can only do this with a 3rd party solution. I have one in flash- you must click on a product to view the “may we also suggest” random scroller at the bottom of the page.

This is not really an excuse, but in MySQL (as well as other databases), there is no such thing as random. You can query for 3 random results, but it’ll probably return the same results many times.

You must make another kind of rule (e.g. latest 3), or set of rules (e.g. pick latest 3 and mark as shown once. The next time pick latest 3 with the least time shown and mark as shown).

Again, this is not an excuse why CS-Cart shouldn’t have it, but it’s not as simple as it sounds.

I agreed. I have about 20 featured items … I can either set it to list all or none. :confused: