No initial email notification - AGAIN

I looked through a gazillion old posts about this, but maybe I am missing something.

I have all the notification checkboxes checked on every single order status, but no email is sent to either the customer or the admin when an order is initially placed.

I can switch the statuses (stati?) back and forth all day long and get notified at both places every time, but I never get an email (at either email) when the order is initially placed.

The one post that was most promising about this had to do with the send mail function, but since I get the emails at both places on every status subsequent to the initial one, methinks there is some trigger failure on the order placement rather than a problem with the email itself.

Perhaps related to this, can anyone explain the intended use of Processed vs. Open status? The default text for Open says the order has been placed, while the same for Processed says the order has been processed. Yet, when I place an order, the status is always set to Processed by default. Based on the default message, I would have thought Open would be the initial status, so this leads me to think I am missing something about the intended meaning of these.

Thanks very much!

Open for the placed order with pending payment

Processed for the placed order with payment received

Okay, I understand that now. Next, any idea why I am not getting any emails when orders are first placed?

Hope this sheds light, or at least doesn’t muddy the waters. I looked at the logs. For the previous orders I was testing, the progression seemed to work like this…

  1. Status of order #X changed from Incomplete to Processed
  2. http requests
  3. create order #X (strange to create the order after its status was changed?)

    (no emails were generated by the above)

    Then, as admin, I changed the status a couple times and those changes were reflected as expected in the logs (emails were generated as expected).

    Then, most recently, someone else did some testing and the progression was like this in the logs…

  4. Status of order #5 changed from Incomplete to Failed
  5. http requests (including a message: (This transaction cannot be processed. Please enter a valid credit card expiration date.")
  6. create order #5
  7. change status of order #5 from Incomplete to Processed
  8. http requests
  9. create order #5
  10. Status of order#5 changed from Failed to Incomplete
  11. Delete order #5

    Now, when looking at orders, it shows this order #5 status as Processed. I have so many questions about this it’s hard to know where to start…

    If the status was changed from Incomplete to Failed in step 1, how did it change directly from Incomplete to Processed in step 4?

    If it changed from Incomplete to Processed in step 4, how did it change from Failed to Incomplete in step 7?

    Why does the order in the View Orders section of the admin panel show it as processed if the most recent status change was to Incomplete?

    If the whole order was deleted in step 8, why is there an order AT ALL?

    I am so confused about all this.

Okay, without having changed anything, I now successfully ordered and received emails at both customer and admin emails for two initially placed orders.

Well, I did do a couple things differently… on one order I deliberately input an incorrect expiry date on the credit card and for the other I deliberately input an incorrect name on the card (I was trying to create a failure in the logs).

Is this the answer? Put in fallacious info and the emails get magically generated?

At this point, I have ZERO confidence that the next order will produce desired - or even expected - results.

I have the same problem. no email is sent to either the customer or the admin when an order is initially placed. All else (changing status etc…) works, but no initial email? is this a bug on the new version? How can it be resolved?

I (seem to) have resolved this by switching from PHP to SMTP to send the email. Sorry I did not post this earlier; I pretty much gave this thread up for dead three weeks ago. Thanks for replying.

A $285 cart - or ANY cart, for that matter - that simply fails to send an email 50% of the time is ludicrous. And, as I’m sure you found, we’re not the only ones. Quite frankly, I am flabbergasted that no one from CS Cart has weighed in on this.

The really baffling thing to me is that it works sometimes. So I spent a good deal of time trying to find a pattern for its behavior, to no avail.

Is there anybody [SIZE=“4”]out there[/SIZE]… [SIZE=“3”]out there[/SIZE]… [SIZE=“2”]out there[/SIZE]… [SIZE=“1”]out there[/SIZE]… ?

In any case, I would be curious if you are using PHP and if so, does switching to SMTP solve it?

Thanks again for replying.

Changing to STMP will NOT solve de initial order email notification issue. I believe this is a bug on version 2.1.0

Anybody has a solution?

All I know is that when I was using PHP, the initial order emails worked about 40-50% of the time. Since switching to SMTP, 100% of the initial order emails have been received.

Do you mean SMTP is not an option for you?

How do you know switching won’t work?

If you know switching is not the solution, do you know the cause of the problem?


I’m troubleshooting the same issue: no emails sent to Customer or Orders Dept upon initial order placement. I’m using 2.0.14, Phone Payment (for testing), and PHP mail function. Emails send fine upon order status change. I agree that this must be a problem with the email trigger logic.

Of note: If you use the Supplier addon and checkout with an item assigned to a Supplier, an email IS sent immediately to the Supplier’s email.

[quote name=‘Caliber’]I have all the notification checkboxes checked on every single order status[/quote]

Where do you find these checkboxes?


Here’s a hack that will force email notifications upon order placement:

In /core/fn.cart.php find

```php $notify_user = isset($force_notification[‘C’]) ? $force_notification[‘C’] : (!empty($status_params[‘notify’]) && $status_params[‘notify’] == ‘Y’ ? true : false);

$notify_department = isset($force_notification[‘A’]) ? $force_notification[‘A’] : (!empty($status_params[‘notify_department’]) && $status_params[‘notify_department’] == ‘Y’ ? true : false); ```

and change both instances of “false” to “true”.

If I could figure out where “$force_notification” gets set, that might be a better place to change this.


[quote name=‘sixnin9’]Where do you find these checkboxes?[/QUOTE]

  1. “Orders” tab
  2. “Order Statuses” link (at top, 3rd from left)

    For each order status, click “edit” link (right side)

    After Name, Status, Email Subject, and Email header, there are 2 checkboxes…
  3. Notify customer
  4. Notify orders department

    Hope this helps.

OK, well I guess I learn something everyday! After changing the settings there, the customer notifications are sending correctly upon checkout.


When customer places order no confirmation e-mail is generated!


Go to Admin - > Orders TAB → Click on Order Statuses - > edit Open and check box notify customer Done!

This will definitely solve the issue on cs-cart ver 2.1.1



Go to Admin - > Orders TAB → Click on Order Statuses - > edit Open and check box notify customer Done!

This will definitely solve the issue on cs-cart ver 2.1.1


Not if there is a payment processor associated with the order. What you want to do is to set this for the Open status (so things like checks, purchase orders, etc. work correctly) and also for the Processed status (which is what an order is set to once the payment is approved by an outside processor).

Looked into this issue for a while now…cannot seem to have order emails sent…i receive all the other messages related to order status changes…

tried using php, sendmail and smtp…nada…no order email is received when order is initially placed…

I did checked ther boxes of notification and that is why I am getting the order status updates emails…

any suggestion of where i can look to solve this?

Make no sense to have a shopping cart that does not tell you when you have received an order

Hello cherubrock74!

What is the status of the initially placed orders in your CS-Cart?