No customer notification after Worldpay transaction

When customer selects Worldpay payment and is transferred to Worldpay website, status of the order is set to Open. Then customer correctly enters credit card detail or cancels the payment. Order status is set to processed or failed but notification si not sent to the customer. Notify customer is, of course, checked. Could somebody help? Thanks in advance!

OK, just to clarify a little: it is not a Worldpay issue, it is “no customer notification” issue.

My selected method for sending emails is via php mail function.

If I send email manually from administration, customer gets notification.

I also have Cash on delivery payment option. Default order status for this option is Open, so I have Notify customer checked for this status. If customer selects Cash on delivery payment option, he / she gets confirmation email immediately. No problems here.

What happens if customers selects Worldpay option is described in my first post.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Noone? :frowning:

I guess not. That is my 4th question without answer. I also sent this to Bug tracker a week ago; it is still unconfirmed. Thanks!

Hi Greg,

I think i can help im having the same problems with 1.3.5 sp4. When a customer buys from you they are redirected to pay at the rbsowrldpay site but they aren’t redirected back once they have paid.

What you need to do is go to your cscart_dir/payments/cc_processors/worldpay.php


change for

The permissions for the “payments” directory ive had to set to 755 - if you have shell access in your public_html dir type: chmod -R 755 payments.

rbsworldpay should have sent you an email with the info? - have a look at this [url][/url].

Hope this helps:)