No Customer Information On Completed Order

I have a new order that came through that was processed and approved just fine via credit card payment (authorize) but there is no information for the customer to ship to. The transaction in shows the same blank information so no help there in getting the shipping address. Below is what the order shows. Any idea how this could happen or what to check/fix? No new upgrades were performed and previous orders are fine.

Running version 4.11.4.SP2

Customer information

IP address: (blanked out by me but locates to Virginia)

Billing address

United States

Shipping address

United States

Next order came through fine so it was a one-off. Ended up just voiding the order.

Could this be what happens when a customer has their cookies turned off?

I had the same issue, but I have had it random around 10 times last few months ? CS ticket just replied with Cannot reproduce

Possible you gave allow guest checkout?

Are your address fields marked as required in checkout in the profile fields page?

Are your address fields marked as required in checkout in the profile fields page?

Already are Tony, have been for years, really random I cant pin mine down.

I have a feeling it could something to do with an addon I paid a fortune to simtech for that didnt get developed as I asked so we parted company half way through and got some money chargedback after some hassle.

I have the same issue .. I thought it's bcoz of the mobile app !

hope to find solution here

I noticed a bug on my cart that had to do with customers paying with Apple Pay or Google Pay, where it does not pass through the customer shipping address, name or phone. If your payment method was one of those, contact support for help.

I am having the same issues. Some orders no name or phone. I have not been able to reproduce it.