No confirmation page with an item with an option


I am experiencing a wierd circumstance. When I check out an item or items with no options, the confirmation page is shown.

We have items with color options. If I check out one of those, a blank white page is shown instead of the confirmation page.

I have no clue at all. Can anybody help?

With the various problems you are experiencing, it sounds like you may have a memory issue. Have you adjusted the memory in the /config.local.php file?

The maximum memory changed from 48M to 96M, but no luck.

The maximum memory changed from 48M to 96M, but no luck.

What I noticed is it happens when the order status is in BACKORDERED.

The following configurations related to the inventory are what I made:


  • Enable unventory tracking; checked
  • Allow negative amount in inventory: unchecked (i tested this with checked, but no difference)
  • Download key TTL hours: 24
  • Low stock notification threshold: 0
  • Show products from subcategories of the selected category: checked
  • Display modifier for product options: checked
  • Exception style: Hide exception
  • Show out of stock products: checked

    If the quantity of an item is 1, the order status is assigned to Backordered.

    Anothing I found is the page is in stuck to /index.php, normally it was /index.php?dispatch=orders.details&order_id=21&confirmation=Y

    Any suggestion? I appreciate your help.

    I appreciate your help.

The default is usually 128. Try that and if that doesn’t work try 256. If that doesn’t work, something else is wrong.

Tried, but no luck. Thanks for advice though.

What esle do you think I have to check?

PM me if you would like me to look into it.