No Block For Customer To Sign In/register Or Sign Out

Working on a responsive theme. I am looking for a block to add so that a customer can either sign in/register or sign out upon leaving. I looked at the MY Account block but there is no option for this.

Thank you

Can you explain further? The My Account block does include a button to sign in and out.

Yes, My account block contains corresponding buttons

Maybe he maybes sign in text link, not all prefer having this hidden within drop down menu..

ok. The block I looked at has a list, non of which said "sign in". I found the (ordinary block H3) setting has what I need.


OK. The MY ACCOUNT block had choices that did not specify "sign in" after trial and error I found what I need.

Thank you

Here I go again with the sign in /register- sign out problem. When I use the My Account button that inables the sign out routine, The entire block displays all links in the My Account block plus the recaptcha icon. When I sign in, the Sign Out button appears also with other links. One problem

I really want only the Sign In , Register ,Sign Out to show on the Home Page. Do I have to design a new block?

Thank you

post-16580-0-25178500-1520269817_thumb.jpost-16580-0-53285500-1520269887_thumb.j[attachment=13072:Sign in_Register view.jpg][attachment=13073:sign out view.jpg]

Sign in_Register view.jpg

sign out view.jpg

You should be able to use hooks from the my_account.tpl block to disable certain links.

If you use an "override" and the template comes back with empty content, then the original block content will be used. If it comes back with content (like an html comment) then that content will be used. So the easiest way to do this would be something like:

{if $controller == 'index' && $mode == 'index'}


For the homepage, the override template will return the html comment. For any other it will be empty enabling the standard content to display.

There are several hooks in the my_account.tpl block as well as several hooks in the underlying templates called from that template. You'll have to determine which you want and which you don't.

Thanks EZ I,ll try to do that.

EZ, I made a copy of the My_account tpl lines 56-69 and created a new block. It works the way I want it. Thanks for your help. I dicovered this while trying to figure out where to put your suggestion.

By the way, how do you make corrections on this page without rewriting. I can't seem to insert a letter in a sentence- like the s in discover.

anyway thanks again.

Not going to dig through the code to see where you changed things. But I would strongly suggest you either use hooks or override the entire template versus changing distributed code if at all possible. If you copied the original block to a new name and then edited, that should preserve, but using hooks/overrides is a better practice.

Update: and to edit, just click the Edit link!

EZ I didn't change anything in the original template. I just copied the portion of the code that created the buttons for the sign in / register.

when sign in is completed the button turns to sign out. I used that to create a new block, which I am using and is working.

The original template was not changed at all.

Okay, that's a more clear. As long as you are not causing yourself a future headache from your changes being overwritten in an upgrade. That was my concern for you.