No Affiliate image Banner after upgrade to 2.06..


I upgraded 1.35sp4 to 2.06… and images of affiliate banner are not present!

and i’ve a lot of banners…

So how can i find my picture in old database? to place same name in new database?

I don’t find in cscart_aff_xxx


Please… Where are affiliate image banner on database? In wich database?


I don’t use affiliates but the actual image is probably in /images/common_images/. You will have to download them, change the name, then reinsert them via admin panel.


Ok in 1.35, affiliate image were in images/common_image

And in 2.06 it’s in images/common

It’s impossible to deplace all my picture in images/common

Owner group is : “apache apache” so I can’t change CHMOD, and i can’t place my pictures… idea??:confused:

So I created a new images/common, and I placed all my picture. and I named first folder, images/common2

But in admin panel, banner already created in 1.35, don’t find pictures in images/common

So,it’s not possible to reinsert automaticly picture for each banner?

Because with admin panel, banner after banner, it’s very very long…


Thanks for your advice.

I know this isn’t the answer you want to hear but the images will have to be reinserted one by one via admin panel so that the rest of the system is updated. Simply putting the renamed images in the folder will not do the job.

Edit: You might be able to find where the image data is stored in the database and make the changes there.?


Yes I can change it in database… I think I can. But I don’t find ?

If you tell me, I could did it…

I checked every database of affiliate addons, but found nothing with image name…

Do you know?

It looks like you will have to do it 1 by 1 via admin. cscart_aff_banners There is too much information that relates to the image itself to try and edit it in the database.

Ok. Thanks “Tool Outfitters” for your help!!

Impossible to find an image location, in cscart_aff_xxx database… I don’t understand, where cscart save image banner url…

If somebody knows… thanks.

Hy tool Outfitters,

Few weeks ago i did, one after one… so in 2.06 it was ok…

But upgrade to 2.06 to 2.07 doesnt work… So I make a clean install of 2.08 and import 1.35 to 2.08, with Upgrade_1.035_to_2.07.php

So import is fine! But I’ve same problem… no picture in my affiliate system!

But i restore 2.06 cscart_aff_xx database in 2.08… but doesent work!

My picture are in images/common/product.jpg in 2.06

so I created same folder in 2.08, but no result, and in database i don’t find a field with image url…

So, how can i do?? Why 2.06 table in 2.08 with same image folder is not goooodddd!!!:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Any idea?? thanks very much


I found how do it!

Just restore cscart_image and cscart_image_links (206) in 208 and its OK!!! I save a lot of hours!!

If some body needs help about it… ask here! :wink: