Nivo Slider Intallation Instructions?

We just upgraded to CS-Cart 4.3.3 and got the latest version of Nivo slider from cart-tuning as the old version we had been using needed upgrade for 4.3.3. The download did not come with installation instructions but decompressed into a folder structure containing components of the slider and for each folder and subfolder there is a corresponding like-named folder in my public_html directory containing like named components. I assume all I need to do is disable the add-on and drop the new components into the corresponding folders on my server, where they should overwrite the old version, and then re-enable the add-on. Am I missing anything or should this work?

Thanks for any insights.

I don't know what version you just upgraded from but it would probably be best to uninstall the old version and then remove any files/folders related to the old version.

I don't use this addon nor know it's versions/structure. This is just my thoughts and you would really need to ask the developer to find out if the above is necessary or not.

Thanks for reply. I have asked them but not heard back yet. I know they respond because they sent the update yesterday so will probably hear from them soon.

Update: Cart Tuning got back to me with a definitive answer. The procedure I described is correct but there is an additional step. Cache must be cleared first. I completed the installation and it's working fine.