ningnong store

Hi all. Seemed to take forever but I have finally launched this website… selling t-shirts at the moment, but will be moving into selling umbrellas and other similar products soon.

Please feel free to browse around, and let me know your thoughts on constructive criticism.



Very nice store Shockalotti

You really should consider using SSL to develop a little more client trust and willingness to fill out the checkout information.

Very nice site, Shockalotti.

One correction on your About Us page.

[QUOTE]We quickly discovered the grand beauty of British Columbia and the warmth of [COLOR=“Red”]its’[/COLOR] people.[/QUOTE]

There should be no apostrophe in the possessesive “its”.


Hi Bob, thanks for the heads up on the grammatical mistake - the English language has always been the bain of my existance.

Hi S-combs. Thanks for the advice on SSL. I totally agree with your advice, but I need to leave it for now, because I am kinda backed into a corner with my current hosting service, and don’t have many options as they own my domain name until September (very bad for me). Once I can unlock my domain name, I will move my site to a professional service with good people.

Nice webpage.

When I want to place the order the page goes to the front page.

Take a look…

Thanks for pointing that out ThomH. I have now changed the link for the MY ACCOUNT link so that it goes to profile, or login (depending on login status).

Nothing worse than confusing the heck out of the poor customers.