Nginx Or Varnish Caching


I am configuring NGINX caching on my web server to reduce the website load speed.

I have seen significant difference enabling the NGINX cache. Unfortunately not able to bypass the user login/logout sessions.

So any help in sharing their experience with NGINX caching or even a working Varnish vcl.

I also tried with varnish default template available on github, but did not see any significant difference in speed. Probably Varnish vcl requires some tweaking to make it work with CS-Cart.

Any help, assistance or guidance in caching regard will be highly appreciated.

Well, how much experience you got with programming?

Not that much. At this moment just trying my best to google search and do the configuration.

For Varnish, I also tried the marketplace booster add-on, but unfortunately that gave me 404 errors whenever a product detail page was browsed.