Next week - Adobe Max

Just a heads up to everyone, I will be gone sunday til friday to Las Vegas for the Adobe Max conference. I should have net/email access but I wont be on as much while I attend the conference. cough gambling cough. :stuck_out_tongue:

If anyone has any issues and CS Staff is not around, send a pm to Snorocket.

I should get to see the latest and greatest from Adobe (macromedia) and I’ll be sure to post back any new cool gadgets/software that maybe coming out.

Anybody in las vegas this next week? PM me.


I need to upgrade my Flash and Dreamweaver MX 2004. See if you can lay your hands on some discount coupons.

Ill see what I can do.

Adobe Max is officially over.

They have some phenominal new software coming out as well as serious Upgrades to their products. Finally, photoshop will be integrated with Fireworks, Dreamweaver.

They now have import PSD files into both, and it will keep layers and if you link them, then go back to your psd file and update a layer graphic, it will automatically update the graphic in Dreamweaver/FW.

Very cool.

Adobe also has a huge labs project. Http://

Adobe Spry is an AJAX framework which is based on prototype.js library but supposed to be better and has some other benefits over prototype.

Soundbooth, beta sound project thats very cool. its avail on labs as well.

there is so much more coming out, you can read about alot of it on labs.

No timelines given on software releases.

i am so excited that PD FW DW will be intergrated. that is awsome