I’m having a hard time understanding how the newsletter suppose to work.

Here is what I did:

Created a mailing list with these configs:

Show at checkout: Checked

Show on registration: checked

Show in the “Mailing lists” box: checked

Created an Autoresponder and placed %ACTIVATION_LINK in it and assigned it to the mailing list.

Created a Newsletter with some content.

At the store front end there is a Newsletter block for users to subscribe. I filled in my email address and chose the mailing list I want to subscribe to and click on the arrows.

A big Green Notice appers in the top right corner that says something like your subscribtion was added and look for an email to activate your account.

Well no emails were received so I tried two more email addresses and same thing no emails received.

If I look in the back end under content subscribers I see my email addresses added but the subscribe and confirmed check boxes are unchecked, if I check the subscribe check box and click save an email is sent out with the autoresponder I created with the activation link.

Is this the way this thing suppose to work or am I missing something?

I’m about to ditch this and use an outside service like mailchimp but the problem is I’m very concerned about giving my customers email addresses to a third party and violate their privacy.

Any help on this is much appreciated.

Thank you


Did you apply the patch found in the following bug post?



[quote name=‘jobosales’]Did you apply the patch found in the following bug post?



Thanks Bob , No I have not applied that patch , I will do so and see what happens. I should read more often in the bug tracker but then again I can count on you Bob.

I appreciate your help.