Newsletter Test Sending Not Arriving

I set up a new newsletter. I sent a test to my own email. The cart displayed the 'Sent' note but I never received the newsletter. I tried sending to my 3 email accounts but no receipt.

I sent a past newsletter and this time I received it. What could cause one newsletter to transmit and not another?



Probably there are some mail server settings that block the letter from receiving. Here are some of these reasons:

- Recipient address is incorrect;

- Recipient's mailbox is full;

- Recipient hasn't entered in the last 3 months;

- Message size exceeds the fixed maximum message size that is defined on a server;

- The letter is rejected as spam so it could be either put into the Spam mail section or simply blocked;

- Sender host is in a server black list.

Please contact your mail server administrator about it.

Do you receive other e-mails in the store?