Newsletter subscribe issue

I was wondering if anyone can tell me what might be wrong - using the defauly blue skin for customer and admin

I have the traditional news and email sidebox - when I enter an email into the email field and hit the submit button it appears to work - no confirmation message which I believe normally shows in the notification section - but no errors either - however in the admin of the site - no addresses are being added.

url seems fine:

any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

PS - version 1.3.4 sp2

I too have been getting some issues with notifications not showing.

In my case having admin authentication for new users disables any notification of sorts if a user registers from the customer end.

Somewhat stupid but I’m testing it prior to having a bug notification posted.


Thanks for the reply and info - I did a lot of customizing on the skin - and thought maybe I might have deleted something for that section - everything else seems to be working fine - I am going to debug some more and if I find something will post my results


[quote name=‘DELTA9000’]Jesse

Thanks for the reply and info - I did a lot of customizing on the skin


I’m using “basic” with no mods or skin changes :wink: Go figure something ain’t working


that is interesting that you are using the out of the box blue and have errors - I have never started with this skin - took it this time just to get going quickly - never thought there was this issue -especially with the 1.3.4 version.

I opened a support ticket yesterday - no reply yet - will see what they say.


jesse and all

I am a little embarrased to post the answer - but tech support replied back and solved the problem:

/addons/news_and_emails/targets/news.php file was empty on the server.

I thought I had double checked that - but obviously I missed it.

Subscribe working like a charm now - I am sure Jesse you would have checked this - but just in case :slight_smile:

take care