Newsletter Subcribers - 2.2.2

Can someone please walk me though to import 10,000 email addresses to my Newsletter?

I have it in Excel .CVS format but i dont want to enter them all manually. There must be a faster way…

I also dont want them as a customer… Cause last time it seemed like it created an account for them but theres no passwords for it so i felt as if they tired to create a new account that they couldnt cause it was already registered. So they wouldnt be able to request a password. cause there was none.

Thank you.

We haven't figured out how to do this successfully. We too have about 12,000 users from our old, non-CS, shopping cart, but when I imported them in it was a huge mess. I could see all of them as users, but if they tried to go to the site it did not have their password, so they could not log in to the new system. I had to end up zapping all of their names and now we use a 3rd party email company for newsletters.