Newsletter Option - Email Box

Hello Everyone,

I would like to add an email text box on the Newsletter “Select recipients” options, like if I wanted to send one or multiple emails from the cart to one or more addresses not subscribed at the shop.

*News subscribers

*All registered customers

*Customers who placed order:

In last 24 hours In last 7 days In last month

*Customers with membership levels:





*Single or Multiple E-mails

Email Text Box

Can anyone help me?

Thanks again


If you are very serious (I mean, VERY serious) about sending newsletters from cs-cart, I recommend you use a third-party solution. Have a look a the problem we had here.

After a lot of soul-searching, we went for SendStudio. It costs even more than the CS-Cart license, but it’s well worth the price if you are sending newsletters to +5.000. It gives you reports you just can’t live without - including email opening reports! :wink:

We use Constant Contact, with a list of over 10K - highly recommend it. And Illusion speaks the truth - the reporting is invaluable (number of opens, number of clicks, who clicked what, how many times, who forwarded the email to what friend, what they had for breakfast that morning, etc…)

I think it’s awesome that CSC includes a newsletter function, and for some, it’s just right for their needs. But if you really want to get serious about drumming up interest/traffic with email newsletters, an outside solution is the way to go.

Hello bpaulette and illusion, thanks for your feedback.

About be VERY serious on using CScart as a newsletter solution, that never came to my mind. Maybe I was not explaining detailed…lol.

I just want to use the newsletter for new comers or for some small e-malling.

Having that email box, I could use shoot same newsletter right on the click to send any info I wish. I was looking for a very small implementation than a final solution :wink: .

Thanks guys