Newsletter Not Being Sent To Mailing List?

(Using Multi-Vendor 4.03)

Is there any log or way I can find out a list of emails that were sent out?

I just started a monthly newsletter and I have a subscriber list of about 75 names. And I also added several “seed” names (internal employees) under “Select Customers”. And sent the email. Received the “success” confirmation. Then on the Newsletter list it shows the subscriber list name properly.

So under the “Send To” area the mailing list was checked and there were 3 users shown.

My internal users received the email, but one of my customers from the mailing list called and when asked, they said they did not receive it. I added their name to the “send test email” and they received that email fine. I asked him to check his spam box and it was not there either.

Sending via smtp,

Checking Mailing list, it shows “active”.

What can you suggest I am doing wrong?

Does CS-Cart log each sent email?

Thanks for your help.


I know this is old, however…did you check to see if the customers are all 'confirmed' for the associated mailing list? They may be subscribed but they have to be 'confirmed' as well.