Newsletter module seems to send material that is not compatible with all email

Just wanted to post a word of warning to folks using the newsletter function in the most recent 2.1.x…

Out of a list of about 1600 I got about 40 emails back stating that customers received a blank email body. This occurred even after I tested the email to my own account and viewed it in several mediums. This was an html email with no text equivalent (perhaps a text equivalent was necessary - it was a bit of a rush job) but the experience varying widely - from gmail to comcast to other folks who all receive other HTML emails normally. I got some messages stating that the html came through but there were no images also.

We have decided to go with Interspire’s email marketer as a more robust solution but I wanted to let folks know that either the module itself is malfunctioning or else more guidance and documentation is required in order manufacture a template that will survive the process.

Our present template is based off of MailChimp’s free templates. Perhaps there is a better source now - this was what we started working with in the past.


may be of use to you

The new Mailchimp addon listed above has been released today. Please see this thread for details: