Newsletter in ultimate version shared for all stores?

Ultimate version 3.0.4.

As stated in http://forum.cs-cart…89-multi-store/ it makes sense to mange newsletters and mailing lists for each store separately.

But it doesn't look to be implemented that way.

Newsletter and mailing lists can only be created and sent for all stores.

Also all mailing lists with “show on registration” are shown for all stores.

Am I missing something?

Has anyone used newsletters in the ultimate version?

How do you send newsletter to customers of store only?


You can't. The Newsletter addon has not been converted to work with Ultimate properly yet. I.e. it only works for all stores.

But I am looking for an ultimate user to beta-test my mailchimp addon that is designed to handle multiple companies and different lists per company. Please see: Ultimate beta tester for Mailchimp - Third-Party Add-ons - CS-Cart Community Forums

My requirements are pretty simple. You[list=1]

[]Must be running Ultimate with multiple stores

]Have at least some experience using Mailchiimp (this is not a mailchimp tutorial, it is an integration).

[]Be willing to report issues in detail - I will respond as quickly as possible to bugs/defects.

]Like to also do some additional testing for my general ultimate environment as it relates to licensing of domains within an Ultimate environment.


Send an email to (remove X's) if you are interested.

Seems to be known and beeing fixed in the “future”.

Found this one:

CS-Cart said I had to create a User Voice request to make this happen… ridiculous, but here it is:

Please go add a few votes to this or they will never do this for us.

Actually… [url=“”][/url]