Newsletter default checked

When a customer create an account, the newsletter is by default unchecked.

Is it possible to have it checked by default ?

Maybe possible, but it is not legal. The customer has to specifically turn the newsletter on by himself.

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Maybe possible, but it is not legal. The customer has to specifically turn the newsletter on by himself.


In every country ? Strange… I can remember that most of the websites when I register have newletter checked on and I take care to uncheck it.

It is not required to have unchecked, it is just required to have option to check or uncheck yourself.


I am sure that if you pre-check the newsletter by default it is illegal in The Netherlands (and possibly Europe as the law is some EU policy as well).

People really need to check it themselves, and after that, they need to receive a message where again (so called double opt-in) is asked for their permission. They have to submit their choice as a “yes I really want to receive your newsletter”. Only then they may receive a newsletter.

Perhaps in Netherlands, but I think John is right : as far as I remember, this checkbox can be checked by default, but the customer must have possibility to easliy unsubscribe.

Anyway, I am still looking for the way to do it ;)

Did some research:

Permission / Opt-In Requirement (Europe)

Yes, direct marketing email messages may be sent only to subscribers who have given their prior consent (“opt-in”). Prior permission is required for business-to-consumer (B2C) communication covering all “natural persons”.

Exceptions (Europe):

A business relationship in which contact information was obtained constitutes prior consent as long as a means to opt out was provided at the same time and continues to be provided with each such message and each message is about similar products or services by the same company

So in short:

When someone subscribes to your newsletter from a page on your website because he is curious, you have to use double opt-in.

When someone does a purchase at your store they should have the ability to not receive emails from you.

Source can be found here:…s/optinlaws.asp

Hi All

Anyway despite it is legal or not, is it possible? Anyone who wants to do it can take his own responsibility.

The question was from developer’s scope and not from law’s…