Newsletter Css

How can I import to Newsletter template one css file.

I want to add the but I can't

Did you try to switch WYSIWYG editor to the source code mode?

No, how can I do this?

It depends on your editor. For example, please check the following message

Yes I have already done this but when I type html tags as the above it delete that tag - script.

Looks like script tags are not allowed due to security reasons


Is there any other way of doing this?

Can I add this link tag to template file?

You can edit the newsletter template in file manager and add necessary styles with the tag

How can I do this?

Where is this file?

How can I do this?

Where is this file?



I make this changes but I can't see the in preview mode.

Do I have to clear cache?

How can I clear it?

Yes, the cache should be cleared. But note that since mysqstyles.css will not be attached to the newsletters, it is better to use the tag: