Newsletter Activation Page

I use an Autoresponder to require subscribers to my mailing list to "Activate" their subscription. This flags the subscriber as "Confirmed". (commonly called double opt-in)
I would also like to give new subscribers a coupon.
If you add a promotion to the Newsletter subscription - the coupon is given BEFORE the subscriber is confirmed.
When subscribers click the ACTIVATE YOUR SUBSCRIPTION link, I would like that link to send subscribers to an actual page in the store that thanks them for subscribing and displays a promotion. Currently this link (index.php?dispatch=newsletters.activate&list_id=1&key=xxxxxx&s_id=xxxx) will take them to the home page and run the Notification function that pops up a message.

CS-Cart v4.9.3

app\addons\newsletters\controllers\frontend (line 77)

fn_set_notification('N', __('notice'), __('text_subscriber_activated'));

On a dedicated page, or new layout page, I can add a block or even just HTML, that will include a promotion and thank the subscriber for joining the list.

Any thoughts on this? I suspect that it's an easy modification to make, but I can't figure out what I need to do.

Any thoughts on this?

I'd like to give my Newsletter subscribers a coupon and thank them for subscribing UPON ACTIVATION.


please go to languages in admin panel and find the variable by searching what it says after they activate and bring them to your site, and edit that so it thanks them and provides a promo code.

I use this on my site, so triple opt in [?] with both a recaptcha upon entering email, then autoresponder with activation link, then once clicks bring them to my site and shows a notification, which i edited as described to show a promo code.

For customer convenience i also changed the notification to show for 20 seconds, and use an easy to remember promo code.

PM me if you need the exact variable that displays the message after activation.

Thank you co_ink_dist.

That's a funky place to put it, and I'll have to format the notifications so they are bolder and use a larger font, but it WILL WORK.

You're really working within the limitations of the cart! and I like that.