Newest Version Installed Now Need Basic Help

I am terrible at setting up things on this new install, and to be honest im to old and too little time to try and figure out basic things. So would like to hire someone who can help me...

1. Setup Taxes
2. Basic design changes like take out phone number on top of page and add only email info, change logo, change colors, show me how to add, change, remove all those banners.
3. If all his goes well i would like to maybe have a different look, something more fitting for my products.

I have used old versions of cs-cart, so very fimiliar adding products, categories, doing orders, the basic daily admin things, just designing and getting this ready i am a bit lost in. If anyone can do this for me tomorrow and Saturday please contact me and let me know cost. Thanks.


I forgot, also need to rename admin.php thing, seemed easy enough until I seen all the other things that came after just changing name. ☹️


We design and develop UI/UX , addons , general changes for cs-cart MV and SV. we connect dedicated person with client to get perfect output.

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Thanks for the add, and for the help. :grin: