Newest Items Block

I can’t get a block to show “newest” items. “Recently viewed” works fine, but nothing shows at all when I select “newest” and assign to a category.

Any ideas where to look?


Try to go to a product and change its “Created Date” field to today. it should work.

Did you check the ‘Specific settings’ for the “Filling”? You might be limiting what is displayed there. Set Period to ‘Any date’ and see if this fixes the problem.


Thanks for the ideas. I revisited it to check the settings again, and they were set correctly.

I did get it to work…I had thought/hoped that items in a subcategory would show up on their parent category page. Not the case. I assigned a secondary category of the parent, and they work great.

Just curious. Did you have “Show products from subcategories of the selected category” checked in your General settings? I am wondering if that would have worked.


I did, but that didn’t affect the newest items propagation. So far you have to assign the category of the parent.