Newby Intro

:wink: Hi everyone, I didn’t see a newby forum for intros so I posted here.

I’m not new to ecommerce but very new to cs-cart. I have tried a bazillion of them from free to very expensive and I’m looking forward to working with cs-cart. I am more of a asp and .net user , I have used php but it’s not my native language so to speak. :smiley:

I look forward to learning more about cs-cart and being an active member of the community as I have been considering cs-cart for months now and have been following the boards. It seems like a nice and helpful community and that played a part in my choosing cs as well. Compliments to many of the nice sites and thank you to those who continue to contribute to the forums as potential cs-cart users are reading and learning from your contributions.

I think my biggest hurdle right now is learning the basics of smarty templates. It was the one and only thing holding me back form making any final decisions , that and of course price and features (which is outstanding).

I must admit I have really haven’t embraced the template system very well and find myself asking why?LOL There are better ways to do this…but I’m ready to dive in and learn it inside and out. I like a challenge so…I’ll go for smarty expert as my goal…LOL

Now before I start asking for lots of help…:wink: I’ll tell you a little about my background and am always willing to offer advise and information to anyone who ask.

I have degrees in-- sales/marketing, training/coaching, web/graphics design

I have experience in-- all of the fields mentioned above.

Just FYI I am not marketing myself-rather the opposite, I am more of the go to person and always rather be on the offering help end than on the needing help end. I know how much everyone times is worth and I appreciate any help offered and given and want to be a contributing member of the community.

Also like to thank Vladimir Kalynyak for being such a great help and answering all my of questions promptly.

Look foward to meeting you all and see you in the forums!


Hi Christina. Welcome to CS-Cart.

Thanks for the welcome…

Welcome Christina, you sounds as though you’ll be an assets to us all.

Welcome…CS-Cart ROCKS !!!