Newbie questions

Hello all,

I hope you wont mind a newbie asking silly questions.

Today i have setup my shop and cscart (latest version as of today) installed just fine.

I am just trying setup test products.

if you have a look here:

the delphi brake pad is setup at as costing £12 but £6.38 comes up. also, the list price in the backend is £50 but £26.60 is displayed.

Also, one the product page, the “add to cart” button is missing.

finally, on the home page, how do i add products/add content? I have used the previous version to this where it has a “site layout” option which lets you design the front page.

very sorry for the questions. i hope someone can point me in the right direction.


  1. check your currency set up for the price difference.
  2. to add items to the home page got to design->blocks->homepage tab then click on add block.
  3. if add to cart button is missing check the inventory tracking for the product, either change to do not track or change the qty or it could be the zero price action setting.

    Hope it helps


Thank your reply John.

I have now sorted our the price difference and can make my way around with adding products to the home page. However, is there a way of making manual adjustments to the home page? for example, if i wanted to add in a table and other graphics etc?

I've still not been able to show the add to cart button…there must be something I am missing…

There are a variety of pre-configured blocks you can add depending on what content you want to show. There is also something called an html block that lets you simply put whatever html code you want within that block. Generally, blocks will scale to size based on their location (sidebox or main-content). Their length will vary by the content and/or the limits you put on the number of objects to display (using a pre-configured type of block).

Play around with it, you will get a good understanding of how it works after about 10 minutes of messing around.

Just figured out what happened to the add to cart button…it turns off when you enable catalog mode in add-ons…right, time to go to sleep…

(still would very much appreciate help with the front content filing query)