Newbie hosting questions


I am hoping to go live shortly with my CS-Cart store on our website. I am currently on a shared environment and need to go to a VPS.

The reason is I will be processing cc transactions through a local bank’s API. The bank requires that I am not on a shared environment and they have various minimum system requirements.

Their minimum system requirements seem pretty high to me:

Pentium 4, 3Ghz, 1Gb RAM.

I presume that they put these requirements so as to ensure optimum performance? If I go for a lower spec’d VPS (i.e. cheaper) is the issue likley to be that my cc transactions will just be slower or will the whole thing fall apart?

In terms of running a CS cart store on a vps what would be some general recommendations for system requirements. We only have about 30-40 products and I only expect up to a dozen or so sales in a day.

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My sites are hosted on Wired Tree at

I have been very happy with Wired Tree. One of the things that I’m most impressed with is their customer support. Their support is 24/7 and they usually respond within a couple of minutes.

When I signed up I used a coupon to receive half off of my first 2 months and then 20% off the monthly bill for the life of the account. The coupon code I used was V1024-205050 I think I’m paying like $45.00 per month for 2 months and then like $71.00 per month after that.

I’v actually been with Wired Tree for a lot longer than just the two months, but I’ve switched back and forth, kind of a long story. All that matters is that I’m back with Wired Tree because they seem pretty hard to beat.

The coupon code is for the VPS1024 package which is their highest VPS package. So far I’ve been very happy with the performance and haven’t had any issues.

I’m sure that if you search around for Wired Tree you will see plenty of good things about them.

Hope that helps.


ok thanks will have a look