Newbie Alert - Simple Solution Needed - Compare Button

Hi, I am new to CS Cart and I am trying to add a “Add to Compare” list to the product display. Meaning, I would like the shopper to have the option to click on “Compare” feature before clicking through to the product view.

Do I add this to the TPL file, or is there a way to do this through the app?

I'm sure I will eventually figure this out, however a little help from you guys sure would help.

It's built in to the Basic (default) template, however, to enable it to show on the front-end, you need to check the 'Feature comparison' checkbox at the bottom of the Edit Product page. If it doesn't show in your template, I would assume, although have not verified, that you need to ensure you have 2+ products with this enabled as well as have Features created and assigned to 2+ products.

Thanks so much Stellar … I'm not really having any problems with the operation of the feature comparison … everything, including the link on the product page … my issue is that I am trying to get a link / button on the display page grid for each product. Do you know what I'm supposed to edit?

So you want to add the 'Compare' button to the products grid view, ie. the default view on categories? Design Mode should make this easy enough, copy the code in the product template which generates the add to compare button, then place it in your category grid template.

Was this ever resolved?

I'm looking to put an 'Add to compare list' link/button on the product listing page (not the product detail page).