New Wysiwyg Editor In 2.2.1, Where Are The Options?

I hope I am just missing something but where did all of the options go for the WYSIWYG editor in 2.2.1.

Missing are;

Full screen edit (how are you supposed to edit a page with 2 lines showing???)




on and on…

Please say these are not gone, I use these features on every product and general page creation. Yes I am sure I can use Dreamweaver or whatever else, but why take a feature that worked so well and remove it without notice or providing alternative?

If I am mistaken and the feature is hidden I apologize in advance and need some guidance to use the new editor.

Please help

Hello jhagg,

Yes, unfortunately, these options and features do not persist in CS-Cart version 2.2.1 any longer. However you can use the solution provided by one of our clients in the thread in order to return these options in the TinyMCE editor: Beta release of the CS-Cart v2.2.1 - Page 2 - News and Announcements - CS-Cart Community Forums - Page 2

Pavel Zyukin

CS-Cart Support team