new version install, old version database transfer - please advise

Hi there,

I have vs.2.0.6 and after upgrading it was all messed up, so, I decided to install the newest version on a subdomain so that I can work on it, but, I wish to transfer my old database with clients, orders, etc. to this new version, is this possible?

Old database has 192 tables, new version more then 200, restoring I think it wont do the job, tried that and was a total failiure.

So, my question is; is there a way to, with a fresh install of the newest version of cscart, have my old database transfered?

Thanks a million

To me the easiest way would be to fix your 2.0.6 install, upgrade to 2.0.8 then upgrade from there through the upgrade center in admin cpl. Otherwise you’re into a lot of csv editing.

I don’t see an easier way but someone else might weigh in on this.