New V3/V4 Addon (EZ Admin Helper)

EZ Merchant Solutions announces our latest V3/V4 addon EZ Admin Helper.

This addon provides a centralized place to perform common administrative actions and to schedule those actions to be run at specific frequencies. The addon is available for V3 and V4 environments and is supported for MVE as well.

The general features are:[list]

[]Clear cache

]Clear template cache (V4 only)

[]Clear thumb cache

]Clear logs (leaving configurable number of days of entries)

[]Clear statistics

]Clear carts (older than configurable number of days)

[]Backup site (note: very dependent on hosting/php limitations)

]Optimize database

[]Backup database

]Update Currencies


A single cron job can be setup to run once an hour. The addon will then identify what actions to run based on the addon configuration info. Optionally, an email of the results of the operation can be specified.

It can be customized for you needs by extending the actions to be taken. I.e. you could include an export of data, clearing of smart optimizer cache, etc.

Note also that any action can be run manually whether it is active or not for automatic execution. A link is also provided to just run the schedule actions now versus when they are scheduled to run.

Product details:

Documentation: ez_maint.pdf

Screen shots are available in the documentation.

Compatibility of versions and addons from EZ Merchant Solutions can be found at: our Compatibility Table.

Current V4 Addons available from EZ Merchant Solutions

Addon - Product page - Documenation

EZ Admin Helper - - ez_maint.pdf

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Reset total sales, sales by month?

Great idea!

@parodius420 not quote sure what yu mean. Total/month (all) sales figures are derived from a query on the orders table it is not stored and then displayed (that I know of). A query is run that returns an array based on the time period.

But do note that the addon is extensible to do basically anything you want on a scheduled basis. Here's the distributed custom_actions.php file. There are only 3 simple steps to do whatever you want to do…



  • Copyright 2013, 1st Source IT, LLC, EZ Merchant Solutions


    if( !defined('BOOTSTRAP') ) die('Access denied');

    use Tygh\Registry;


    ** You can add custom functionality by following the following steps

    ** 1) Create a function below that performs your task (eg. my_get_supplier_info())

    ** 2) Create a language variable for the function name. I.e. my_get_supplier_info=“Retrieve supplier info”

    ** 3) Create a new row in cscart_ez_maint and the matching one in cscart_ez_maint_descriptions


    ** That's it



    function my_get_supplier_info($args) {

    $supplier = $args['supplier'];

    $data = file_put_contents(“filename”, “http://$supplier”);

    return true;




I get frequent configuration questions about this addon. Hence we've put together minimal configuration settings for your use.

Note that you can easily change whether an operation is active or not via a checkbox and you can adjust the times/dates as you see fit.

The minimum configuration we recommend is as follows (note that if you have multiple currencies, you can add in a daily currency update too). And this is all managed on the one EZ Admin Helper manage page.

Weekly on 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th of the month at 2am:[list]

[]Clear the cache

]Clear your logs older than 30 days old

[]Clear statistics more than 30 days old

]Clear carts that haven't been accessed in 30 days


Daily at 3am:[list]

[]Optimize the DB

]Backup the DB

[]Scan files in your site for changes and email results to:your email address


Monthly on the 1st of the month at 4am[list]

]Backup your site



Bought this addon a couple of weeks ago, works a treat and saves time.

Easy to insntall and configure.

Great job Tony