New USPS flat rate padded envelopes

You can only order 15 online but if you call up & you’re a business owner, you can get up to 200.

The padded envelopes are 9.5"x12.5" plus it’s flat rate $4.95 (printed online) so it’ll open up more doors if you’re shipping small items to your customer. Even for international I was looking at the rates as low as $11.95 to Canada and places like Japan for $13.95 which isn’t bad at all.

You do have to call the 1-800 USPS number to obtain the 200 padded envelopes.

There are also some new regional flat rate boxes. These are good if you are mailing items which are heavy for their size, and are shipped close to where they are shipped from. I was able to save 2.00 or more on an orders just by using the new flat rate padded envelopes and boxes.


Thanks for the heads up on the padded envelopes. We just ordered a batch to see if they will work for us. We already use the flat rate when we can, but they tend to break some of the card boxes we put in them. This will help protect them.

It’s been great, more international customers as long as it fits in the padded envelope it saves them over $20 in some cases!

Another big savings is not only the postage, but the envelopes and boxes are free. This is saving me another couple of dollars for each large flat rate boxe I use verses buying boxes from Tharco.

^how are their prices compared to Uline? I always end up getting a freight charge but can’t find any other cheaper source. Even then Uline seems to be relatively cheap especially supplies. Staples is a completely rip-off!

[quote name=‘btrials’]^how are their prices compared to Uline?[/QUOTE]I just did a check of some boxes. It came back at $310 for a pallet, where Tharco was $402. The Uline price included UPS ground shipping of $118, where Tharco is will call. I see a lot of Uline boxes being used by my vendors so I will need to check them out.