New "user" saying hi and have some questions

Hi All,

New to the CS-Cart family and have some questions if you don’t mind. Please, anyone feel free to chime in on your experiences.

  • After your credit card was zapped, how long until you can download the application? This is pretty annoying that it’s not right away, especially since I saw nothing on the site about having to wait.

  • Has your experience w/ support been good? Before making the purchase I have submitted some general questions and it has been a week and I have yet to hear back from CS-Cart.

  • Does the software include any documentation? I’ve figured pretty much everythign out so far, but in playing with the “Import Catalog” function I’m getting a little nervous. It does not seem to work very well.

  • Speaking of importing your products, is that disabled in the demo version? Or why won’t it work? My products are in the db if I look via phpMyAdmin or such, but nothing gets put into the categories I created and I can’t access any of the products via the cs-cart control panel. It’s like they don’t exist. I hope this is just a trial version limitation.

  • Can you think of any other differences between the demo version and purchased version? I’d really like to get going with this cart, it’s pretty cool, but I hope they support paying customers better than “general question” folk. Thanks,



I got mine within 24 hours and that was at the weekend. It was a bit of a pain but no huge problem.

I have contacted support several times over the last week or two and have had helpful answers very quickly. I also submitted some general questions and a quote request before purchasing and got replies fairly quickly.

There is a manual in the file area once you’ve been approved. I’ve not read much of it though so I can’t comment on how great it is.

Can’t help with that one!

Can’t remember the differences with the full and demo version.


my download was available pretty quick, within a few hours I beleive. I don’t know about the product imports as I just started from scratch and tech support has been good, they have always responded the next day because they are in Russia but note they won’t help with customization issues and their quotes for customization are extremely overpriced.

Thanks for the feed back guys.

I’m not worried about customizing stuff, I’m worried about importing my current database. I’ve tried a couple of import tests with the demo and it didn’t work. We’ll see what happens eh.


[quote name=‘snorocket’]their quotes for customization are extremely overpriced.[/QUOTE]

Really? I had a quote back which I didn’t think was too bad, I’ll still be fishing around some other developers but would prefer them, or someone with good knowledge of the cart, to create my mods.

PS - By customization, I take it you mean “mods” and not the design/template side of things? If so I’ve got my wires crossed!