New Upgrade Policy

But as most people are saying, if development continues, and the system improves, $50 a year is not much for support. If you are happy as is you aren’t forced to upgrade

As a developer it could be awkward selling multiple license upgrades, but stick a few quid on and make it an opportunity

I’m still pissed off the extra licenses price increase wasn’t emailed out though, I didn’t have them on twatter and when things are working, why would I check my helpdesk???

Only one weeks notice on a 20%+ price increase is a bit of a piss take

Anyway hopefully onward and upward

Don’t stress, I missed it too because I had no idea my time was expiring and also didn’t receive any email. But its not so bad, I’ll just wait till there’s a release with something I actually need and I’ll upgrade then, that way I have another year after that point.