New to Cs-Cart

Hi All,

I am new for Cs-Cart recently purchased ultimate version.

I have FutureHosting VPS.

Is there any one post which tells all the basic settings require to run store.

I mean all tested tweaks which needs to take care before staring store.


  1. Which basic & must installed add-on should be there (either paid / free) and also which add-ons need to be disabled.
  2. what changes we should make in code to run it fast
  3. what backup method we should use and how frequently
  4. How many products we should have at a time and what numbers of images/number of products features etc. per item we should keep to run it fast.

    Please post it I am very new and need every possible things ready in advance rather finding solution when problem arise.

Have you checked [url=“CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation”]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

For useful addons, you can check our site [url=“”]cs-cart template - cs-cart skins - cs-cart addons - cs-cart mods

Basic built-in addon of cs-cart is the SEO addon for sure. :)

You may install smartoptimizer:


For backup it’s better to backup the database using cs-cart and compress the files. Download the backup once in a month should be enough as your hosting will have some backups for you.

For images just make sure the file size is not too large. The rest should be fast enough for you unless you have some unusual products. :)