New to CS CART

Hi im fairly new to CS CART it looks enough feature rich for mine needs.

I am curently using PrestaShop and it’s quite bugged i must say.

Theres few questions that im interested in order to made up mine mind.

  1. Is there a way to automaticaly, regulary (daily) update productlist with prices and availability from mine excel pricelist?

  2. Is there a template that can make CSCART look like mine shop looks now

    (see pic. in attachment)

  3. is there some choices for invoice templates? Or do i must create mine own somehow, or pay for it?

  4. can i have in shop prices with tax but in invoice separated price from tax?

  5. I like PC Configurator tool but i cant figure it out, how does compatibility amongst products gets set?

    6 Is it supported UTF-8 and do i have mine letters ČĆÅ½Å Đ čćžšđ?

    7 Is there an Croatian translation or do i must translate it myself?

    … i guess thats sums it uop… :slight_smile:

    thanx for your answers.


No need to spam for the forums mate, just deleted your 3 other threads.

Hopefully someone can assist you shortly