New Test Install (4.3.4) On Same Server As Live Website (2.2.5)...

...ok, searching the forums did not really answer my questions, so my apologies if this has been discussed or is posted and I missed it.

We have a live site (2.2.5) in our root folder, and I would like to install 4.3.4 to test in a subfolder of the root without messing up our existing site in the meantime. (Easier to do a fresh install than try to upgrade from 2.2.5, since we have very few products and too many template customizations to try and maintain throughout an upgrade.) We have one CS license.

I was able to create subfolder, create database, extract, upload, permissions, etc correctly I thought, and I was able to run the install script successfully. However, this broke our existing site (no page would load and would give a server error). I want to be able to test the new version without messing up our existing site. So :

1) is this possible?

2) if so, what did I do wrong?

Thanks for any advice.

Create a subdomain instead of just creating a subfolder.

Tool - thanks much. I am a complete dope. Installed fine on subdomain, existing site seems to be working fine as well. Thank you again!