New Storefront Not Found

We are evaluating the trial version of CS-Cart Multi-Vendor to see if the solution suits our needs. We have successfully installed the application on our own server and it is accessible at the URL http:///cscart/index.php which shows the Storefront by default.
In the administration panel, the Storefront by default is assigned the URL /cscart. We have created a new Storefront and assigned it the URL /cscart/store2.
The process has apparently gone well, as no errors were reported in the control panel, but the new Storefront is not accessible. Typing http:///cscart/store2 in the browser displays the message:
Not Found
The requested URL /cscart/csp was not found on this server.
Any clues why this might happen?
Thank you very much!!


Show the configuration from the file config.local.php and from the storefornt list.

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What happens if you try


Thanks for the answers, it's already solved. It was a DNS configuration problem not the application.