New skin - Orange

Hi all,

today I decided to try making a new skin. Because I am new with cs-cart, I started to modifie a skin to understand how it work and the result, after 3 hours, was this…

homepage [url][/url]

cart items [url][/url]

sign in [url][/url]

checkout page [url][/url]

checkout button [url][/url]

if someone want this skin, feel free to ask for it here, I will share for free with you. Unfortunately I can’t give you a link to see live because I work on localhost.

Hope you like it.

Hello Santtos,

it is a very good design and I will be happy if you could share it with us!




with pleasure I will share.

tomorow I wil finish all the little “bugs” and I will give the link for download

like I promised…

excuse me if ar some little bugs, it’s my first modification that I made. anyway fell free to write the problems and I will resolve.

enjoy it :slight_smile:

ps. I will apreciate if someone put this skin on live store,pls write the link to see.

Good work. Not bad at all for 3 hours. :cool:

thanks a lot. I will try to make a skin from scratch, but I need learn more about cs-cart. until then, only modifications :slight_smile:

the skin that I modificate was toy store. hope I didn’t broke some copyrights :slight_smile:

sorry for the inconvenience, the first link didn’t wokr anymore. this is the new link

Great! Thanks! Not tested yet but appreciated your work!


Many thanks, good work!