new site : , unlock solutions...

Hello I redesign my site with cs-cart 1.3.4 , please post it your comments.


Looks good except that it is bugged in Firefox at the bottom.

Looks great, nice to see a complete template change. I have the same problem with the bottom cutting off in FireFox, didn’t check it in IE though.

Looks good.

As already said, it’s nice to see a complete redesign instead of just changing the colours. Lets people see what can really be done with the cart.

My only critical point would be that I think you should give some left and right padding to the content area. It just looks a bit squashed in there.

Just my personal preference.

hello again I make a new redesign with some parts in Flash , please post your comments, thks.

flash site + cscart: ,

when you click in categories products redirect to cart

1.3.4 SP3

Very nice use of flash8)! Love the overall look.

Have you considered using the thickbox mod for popup images? I think it would be a nice fit for you site.

Again, nice site!:mrgreen: