New site online


Previous week I released our new website, based on version 2.0.9 (basic skin), link: I am thinking about filling the website more with pictures and banners, but maybe in this thread people has good ideas.

All feedback is welcome!

First impression is that the website looks a bit messy. Maybe make the pictures a bit bigger.

Don’t like the aanbiedingen layout. Pictures look too small.

going into coded dutch :stuck_out_tongue:

De aanbiedingen banner heeft de "adviesprijs" of
"van" prijs in rood en de prijs dat het nu is in gewoon zwart.
Hiermee leg je de nadruk op de oude prijs ipv de nieuwe.
Ik zou de kleur omwisselen.

Small typo on the “verzenden en bezorgen” page:

dezelfde dag nog verzonden (mits op voorrad).

@flimflap: thank your for your reply. what do you mean with: “First impression is that the website looks a bit messy”. Do you mean the pictures on the central page? (the categories) or something else?

Do you think it’s better to remove the categories on the middle and replace it with “aanbiedingen”?

I see you deleted the top products. looks alot better now.

The categories in the middle look fine to me.