New Site, New Mods

I’m a little new at this. I’ve gathered some partners and we’re creating some CS-Cart specific mods and addons. Right now, here’s what we got:

Minimum Purchase for Groups (2.0.15, 2.1.0)

This mod adds a “minimum” field to the user groups editor. Users in this group must purchase over the minimum or get the standard “Minimum purchase of xxx required” message. If a user is a member of several groups, the highest minimum must be reached.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Mod (2.0.15, 2.1.0)

This mod adds a “products” field to the groups in promotions. When you select a group, you can specify how many products in that group must be purchased to qualify for the promotion. On the bonus end, you can specify how many products in a specific category receive the promotion. It uses the standard “category” dialog in promotions.

USA Epay Mod (2.0.15)

This mod adds the ability to use the USA Epay payment gateway for credit card transactions.

There are some slideshows mods and stuff, but nothing worth noting here. We’re new and the store is pretty ugly looking, but please, feel free to stop by.

Thanks for the time and effort Ive had a quick look and I am sure these will be a great help to guys like me.

Well done



I really tried to make these addons, but there are only three hooks in the fn.promotions.php file, and they’re both related to coupons. I could probably make the Minimum group purchase mod an addon … I should probably check the hooks to see if it’s possible.

I added a simple mod for the attachments Addon. It adds a “DewPlayer” to any Mp3 attachments. It’s so simple I made it free.

I’ve also added a full featured addon:

Minimum Purchase for Groups

This addon places a DewPlayer for MP3’s below the price in both the category product view and product detail views if you have MP3 attachments.

Hey how’s it going, is there anyway I can get the Mp3 attachment mod you had on your site, I was going to buy it from you then the site went down?

Just a heads up… your links in the 1st post are broken

[quote name=‘racingsolution’]Just a heads up… your links in the 1st post are broken[/QUOTE]

His site is gone. He most likely went out of business.

It’s a pity he went out of business. He has some great addons there. Perhaps he can partner with snorocket or someone else who can sell them for him.

yes it surpise me… i want buy his addons and i wait 1 weeks a go, his site still 404 :frowning: