new site -

Let me know what you guys think.

Still finishing it up. Hopefully be done tonight.


Needs some content in the main area but it looks great - a nice change from the default layouts.


^^ oh ya it does, waiting to hear back from client to see what to put in there

it does’nt fit to screen if you adjust your browser window, as is you need a 20" monitor to view each page and you have to scroll sideways to see everything…

site is made for the new low res… 1024…

bossman, since you said you were making this site for a client… are you sure he/she doesn’t care that they are alienating ~17% of their visitors?

True, 1024x768 is now the majority, but that doesn’t mean you have to alienate users at lower resolutions… Take a look at this article by usability expert Jacob Nielsen: [url][/url]

Have you considered a liquid layout?

Just wanted to write a quick note that you might want to reconsider… But the site does look nice.

Good information.

Basicly i threw out my thoughts to the cilent and he wanted 1024 so thats what he got :slight_smile: