New Site !! Best to Date !! Just finnished

Any comments, [SIZE=3][COLOR=RoyalBlue]take a look but don’t break anything[/COLOR][/SIZE] :p:rolleyes:


Amazing!!! Waoooo! It is really nice…I wonder why you didn’t invite us for the party to go…Nice space!!! Keep it up…

That URL has passed my fingers almost 15 times to date.

If it is yours Zardos congrats at the highest level. (otherwise :P)

Why thank you Jesse ;):rolleyes:

that is probably the coolest thing I have seen in a long long time :wink:

haha wooowww that was hilariously cool!!


I am not worthy to use the same forum as such a GENIUS!!!


Now that is original!!

holy cow!!! that is amaizing!!

for the first second i though “yeah… and”" but then i saw the cup start to roll and the rest happen and was in total amaizment

then end is the best part!!

i havent come across a site like that ever

keep up the fantastic work!!

how long it took you to do that? omg…i wish i can do such awsome idea! i got plenty of ideas for the store i wanted to be but dunno how to get it done so i just stick with the default one :slight_smile:

i think its a bit too long to load the flash.

damn zardoss… i was expecting another default like mine. but this hellll… im without words to describe it.


Awesome - nice one.

Sweet! Too bad I can’t read it though.

That’s soooooooooo cool! I had to look at it again and again!

You have way too much time on your hands Zardos mate :wink:

Well done. Very clever too :slight_smile:

It’s funny because the first time I viewed it, I left because I couldn’t click anything. I saw something move and was like, “Wait a minute… what was that?” and went back.

I think I broke it:D

That is so funny!