New server error

Hi All

I’ve just done a fresh install of 1.3.3 to a new server but getting this error when trying to add items to Cart (see below) please can some one help.



Database error: 1054 : Unknown column ‘cscart_products.free_shipping’ in ‘field list’

Invalid query: SELECT cscart_products.product_id, cscart_products.product_code, cscart_products.weight, cscart_product_descriptions.product, cscart_product_descriptions.short_description, cscart_products.is_edp, cscart_products.edp_shipping, cscart_products.shipping_freight, cscart_products.free_shipping FROM cscart_products LEFT JOIN cscart_product_descriptions ON cscart_product_descriptions.product_id=cscart_products.product_id AND cscart_product_descriptions.lang_code=‘EN’ WHERE cscart_products.product_id=‘260’ AND cscart_products.avail=‘Y’


File: /home/wwwthef/public_html/index.php

Line: 78

Function: include

File: /home/wwwthef/public_html/targets/cart.php

Line: 36

Function: include

File: /home/wwwthef/public_html/include/customer/cart.php

Line: 105

Function: fn_calculate_cart_content

File: /home/wwwthef/public_html/core/fn_cart.php

Line: 721

Function: fn_get_cart_product_data

File: /home/wwwthef/public_html/core/fn_cart.php

Line: 42

Function: db_get_row

File: /home/wwwthef/public_html/core/fn_database.php

Line: 79

Function: db_query

File: /home/wwwthef/public_html/core/db_mysql.php

Line: 89

Function: db_error


Has no one got any idea why this is happening.



[quote name=‘fish4carp’]Hi

Has no one got any idea why this is happening.



Well you’re using 1.3.3 which is no less then 10 versions ago.

Quite frankly I joined to forums back in that version and don’t have the knowledge to diagnose this for you.