New Realtime (well sort of realtime) shipping calculator

Hi there,

I am interested in writing a new shipping calculator for cs-cart. I can see in the /shippings/ directory where the code sits for the current shipping providers.

My shipping information will be calculated from some rates I define in a separate database, which works on another website, I just need to carry the code across to CS-CART.

I don't see any problems with what I am suggesting so far. The only difference I see is that the current realtime shipping processors make requests to external websites that return the information (except maybe swisspost) and again I don't see a problem implementing this.

What I was hoping for was that a database table would exist similar to when you want to add a new payment method where I could define this new shipping method and it would be picked up on the relevant pages automatically. But as far as I can see, all the current realtime shipping providers are quite hard coded into the cs-cart code. Which is a bit of a shame, as if I modify this core code to display my new shipping calculator I can see that being overwritten by an upgrade.

Anyone else have experience with this, or know where I should be looking?