New Products URL for 2.x

Can anyone tell me if CS Cart 2.x or higher versions support a URL which will display all new products.

I would like to share a “New Products” link with potential customers so I am looking for a way to achieve that.



This is how I set this up in V2, somebody else might have a simple addon available for this for V2, but my method is simple and effective enough.

Go to Design>Blocks and click the Pages tab.

Add a new block as follows:-

Name: New Products

Block Contents: Products

Filling: Newest (then click Specific Settings to set the number of products to show, the last X days worth of products, etc)

Group: Central

Appearance Type: (any, your choice)

Wrapper: (any, again your choice)

Save the new block and then set the status of the block to Disabled.

Now add a new page, via Website>Content>Add Page

On the Blocks menu tab of the 'New Page', simply check the box for “Enable for this page” to enable your Newest Products block for this page.

…oh, thank you for this workaround! I am normally good at these but I was fixated on the thought that there must be a direct link way to coax CS Cart into showing all the new products, in form of an “Advanced Search” even.

Nevertheless, the workaround will work perfectly for what I need.

Thank you.