New Products Box?

Good morning. I am working on getting my new CS-Cart store live. I still have a few features I need to address that my old store has (CRELoaded/OScommerce).

I did some searching, but haven’t found anything yet. I am looking for a module that will allow me to add a “New Products” box on the main store landing page. With my old site, I find it very beneficial to have such a box because the search engines pick up and index products linked from there.

Does anyone know of a module to do this? I basically want it to show 4 or 6 products on the main store landing page, and anything new added will show up in the top left of the box, the next “newest” item added would show up from left to right from there.

I’d also like it to have a “view all new products” link that would bring you to a page full of the newest items added to the store, sorted from newest to oldest, for say, the past month or so.

Thanks in advance!