New product category

Dear CS-CARTers.

I have A cs cart shop.

I have already entered some products to it.

Now the needs are changed and I have to add subcategories to sort my products differently.

How can I mass move products from main category to subcategory.

I know how to do it one by one, but I would like to see if there is an easier method.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. I also want to have larger fotn size when subcategories are displayed. not in the menu but in the shop body.

e.g [url=“”][/url]

in that link you will see the 2 subcategoriew with their icons but with small text size. That text is that I want it Bigger.

Thanks in advance

Stavropoulos Kostas

When your in the admin panel, you will see in the bottom left corner of your screen “save or choose action” buttons.

Under choose options click on edit selected (do this after you have chosen which products to move) and then it will bring up a screen. Unselect all except for the categories box and click “modify selected”.

On this screen you will be able to select the new category to move the products to.


Thank you Chris

Now I have the products all in category and devided in two subcategories too.

Can I have them only in sub categories ???

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