New product (active) will NOT show in storefront

I have a new product I have setup that refuses to be listed in the storefront.

I have a rss feed addon, and the product shows in that feed, but will not show in the store via the menus or search.

If you click the link in the RSS feed you go to the live product and all seems well, the breadcrumbs show the correct parent catagory, but if you browse it you will not find the product.

Can anyone tell me what would cause a ‘active’ product not to show in the storefront??

I tried to clone it… the clone didn’t show either?

Since you use clone selected to create new product, please change “Created date” under Editing product → general tabe to Today…

thanks for the reply… the date wasn’t the issue, I had that updated.

It was that this product is having its inventory handled differenlty than others on my site, and that the site was hidding it since inventory for the colors available wasn’t entered.

Strange thing is that if you went direct to the product it said instock??

anyway updating the inventory options fixed it.

Good to hear that…